Julie Silvers, Artist – Abstract Painter and Ceramic Sculptor


There is a little piece of me in each and every piece of art I create.

I paint and sculpt from a place of love in my heart and gut. I want to share this with everyone.

“I think that if you were to look for a common theme in all of my work – paintings, sculptures, totems, vessels – it would be joy. I love making people happy. My art is bright, colorful, playful and fun! I want the viewer to feel that energy and spirit when they look at my art.”

“My art is my contribution to the world in my own special way. Hopefully by bringing people happiness and joy, I give of my self with each piece and that’s really all I have to give.”



“I started doing totems about 30 years ago in color. They were fun, playful and happy. All different shapes and sizes. They had stripes, polka-dots and the same bright colors I use in my paintings.

“A lot of the same shapes and symbols can be found in my totems that are in my paintings. Circles, squares, spirals, stars, flowers and waves. I always use lots of repetition, pattern and layers. For all of my totems, large and small, I start out with coils, pinch pots, or slabs. I try to be as free and loose as possible. I am drawn to child-like primitive and imperfection. When any of my art becomes too symmetrical, contrived, matchy — I deliberately try to loosen it up. I like seeing the drips, under layers peeking through, and want them to maintain their made-by-hand feel.

“I make hundreds of pieces at a time. I have no pre-conceived image of how anything will turn out. I make tons of base, or bottom pieces, that can support the rest of the totem. I make middle pieces (the balls, squares, boat-like shape, or taco-looking pieces). I make toppers of every shape and size, like finials. I make joiner pieces to connect them all together. Each totem is hand built, fired, painted and constructed by me. I work on maybe 12 at a time in a few different sizes. I fit them together like a puzzle, sliding them on and off the poles until I know it’s just right – it’s intuitive.”



“I consider myself a self-taught artist, even though I took a few classes here and there. I was surrounded by art growing up. I would watch my mother, Susan Wittenberg, paint. I would go with her to art openings and art museums on our travels. I have always loved crafts, anything artsy. I doodled naked ladies in all of my textbooks when I was in school. In college I took a painting class, taught by Adrian Deckbar. I have also taken a few classes at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art. However, I have never like the structure or discipline of the classroom. I learn by doing … I am learning every single day.

“Just recently, I feel I have come into my own as an artist. I have developed my own unique style. I have been incorporating the female figures that I have been drawing forever into my paintings. I am also adding some ceramic features to some of my paintings by having symbols connected by rough-hewn twine dangling from my smaller works.”



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